This Advent Reflection was written by John Webb.

Our reflection today is on Advent.

The questions below may give us some things on which to reflect, as we enter into this Season of Advent.

If there is something that speaks to you, stay with that, and do not feel pressure to move on to further questions or reflections.

At the end of our reflection time, we’ll have an opportunity to share whatever moved us in this time of reflection.

  • What does Advent mean for me?
  • Is there something that I feel moved to pray for at this time of Advent?
  • Some see Advent as a time of expectation and waiting for God’s emergence in this world or in me. Does this resonate with me?
  • Do I see Advent as a challenge – a call to be open to change.
  • Do I see this Advent as a time for allowing Jesus to challenge me?
  • How do I imagine God’s birth or emergence at this time in my own life.
  • Do I have good news to proclaim?
  • What am I hoping and praying for this Advent?

Perhaps in the light of the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference, Advent may challenge me to have the eyes to see and the courage to witness to – God’s spirit taking flesh in the seeds of a new global and compassionate consciousness – the birth of a new and life-giving sustainable earth community.

Perhaps I may discover and take up joyfully my part in birthing God’s new creation here, now, and into the evolving future.

Do I see this Advent as a time for allowing Christ Jesus and his attitudes to help me to think and behave differently?

Very simply is there some change that I am being called to make during this Advent?

Maranatha! Come, ever emerging God! Come, ever birthing saviour.

Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus! Come!